Higher-End Leucadia

I go way back with the listing agents Maxine and Marti here – we all worked for Jerry Campbell back in the day when Mike Ferry (not Tom) was just starting out and he came to our office to conduct one of his first Action Workshops in person. He told me once, “You know why you’re not married? Because no woman has decided to marry you yet.”

Leucadia Developments

More review of the latest developments in Leucadia as I cruise by the next Toll Brothers community and take a look at what the planning commission just approved:

The 3.79-acre project site, which is just south of the Alila Marea hotel on N. Coast Highway, is proposed to contain 94 apartments, of which 19 will be set aside for low-income people. There’s also a 34-unit hotel that will be connected via bridge to the existing resort. Some of the apartments will be built over a parking structure, others will be above commercial space. The commercial areas could contain everything from an ice cream shop to high-end restaurants.

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