It’s been over two weeks since the verdict was announced on the commission lawsuit, and the response from the realtor community has been tepid, to say the least.

Agents are waiting to see a strong example of how to convince buyers to sign a buyer-broker agreement. It’s easy for management to just say, “Have your buyers pay you directly”. But will you furnish us with anything besides the cheesy 179-point list?

The annual Compass convention starts today in San Diego, and we’ll see what management has to say.

Meanwhile, CoStar senses an opportunity, and have ramped up their advertising of to agents. They say their search portal had 100 million unique visitors last month, passing realtor.dud and pulling into the #2 slot behind Zillow.

Their pitch? They send buyers to the listing agent directly.

When Zillow visitors inquire about getting more information or seeing a home, they get sent to the call center where Zillow employees scrub the leads, and send them out to agents who have agreed to pay 30% to 40% of their total commission to Zillow. will send those leads directly to the listing agent, no charge.

How long will it be before agents migrate their advertising budgets to The buyer-broker agreement should be a complete failure by next summer, and instead the march towards single agency will be well underway by then.

The conversion to single agency will look like an obvious solution to the casual observers like judges, juries, and the DOJ because it will give the illusion that fees are coming down. But it will just add to the trouncing of buyers that has been going on for years.

Just when quality buyer representation will really be needed, the trend will be in the other direction.

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