I have mentioned repeatedly that the buyer-agent is a dead man walking. All forces within the industry are combining to push the buyer-agent out of the equation, and home buyers will be worse off because they will only have faux representation when buying directly from the listing agents.

Everything is negotiable……well, except the buyer-agent commission. From the Code of Ethics:

The Code of Ethics Standard of Practice 16-16 prohibits buyer-brokers from “using the terms of an offer to purchase to attempt to modify the listing broker’s offer of compensation.” Thus, the buyer-broker cannot attempt to condition the purchase of a home on the seller-broker’s agreement to adjust the amount of compensation offered to the buyer-broker.

Second, the Code of Ethics’s Standard of Practice 3-2 requires that any modification in the compensation offered to the buyer-broker “must be communicated to the [buyer-broker] prior to the time that [buyer-broker] submits an offer to purchase the property. And once a buyer-broker “has submitted an offer to purchase the property, the listing broker may not attempt to unilaterally modify the offered compensation.”

Third, Case Interpretation #16-15 advises that any negotiations regarding the buyer-broker’s commission “should be completed prior to the showing of the property.”

The buyer-agent is NOT allowed to negotiate their commission during the offer process!

What’s worse is that any negotiation of the commission must happen BEFORE the home is shown to the buyer. How many listing agents will agree to pay more commission before the buyer sees the home? The answer is zero.

The pending lawsuits against realtors are all about the seller being required to pay the buyer-agent’s commission. Miraculously, ReMax and Anywhere have already settled, and the whole thing could get resolved shortly. But it has been univeral among observers that the end result will be that home sellers will not be required to pay ANY commission to the buyer-agents. It will be optional instead.

Two things will happen:

  1. The buyer-agents will be even more likely to steer their clients to where they can get a commission.
  2. There will be even more shenanigans by listing agents.

Rob lays it out here, starting around the 26-minute mark:


It means that the buyer-agents will have to either live with the commission that the seller is offering (if any) and steer their buyers to those homes, or have an agreement with their buyer to be paid directly by them. While that sounds nice, it is a complete change to the business and most agents won’t be able to justify being paid for their services. When buyers can just go direct to the listing agent for free – which the listing agents will be advertising – they will be very reluctant to be contractually obligated to pay a buyer-agent.

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