We launched our Aviara listing with open houses on the weekend of September 17 & 18.  Newer one-story homes built by Davidson might be the most popular homes around – if you can find one for sale.

Remarkably, there were two other sales of this floor plan this year. In March, there was a sale across the street that closed for $2,110,000, and another around the corner sold for $2,050,000 in June.  Both made our $1,800,000 list price look attractive.

A few days later, we opened escrow at $2,100,000 cash.

Allegedly, the buyer was a recent widow in her 40s with two kids who was being represented by her mother who was in her 70s – who admitted to not being an active realtor for years. No problem, we will help you along the way to make sure we all get to the finish line.

Their home inspector mentioned a stain on a baseboard, and that a mold test would be in order.

Once that thought is out in the open, people will think the worst.

They hired a mold inspector who conducted the standard air sampling where they compare the mold counts in the air outdoors to samples taken inside. Those results came back clear – no mold.  He also collected swab samples from under the toilets and sinks, and the one area did test positive:

The only mold found was on a single baseboard behind a toilet that measured 2+ on a scale of 1-4.

I told the buyer and the buyer’s agent that we regularly deal with mold remediation and have one of the best solutions available.  Not only do we have a certified mold-remediation contractor, but we also have the county’s best mold tester who will give you great confidence that the problem has been eradicated.

The agent seemed to take it worse than the buyer, which led to their confession.

It turned out that the daughter was buying the house for her mother, the agent!

I knew I had a problem because people in their 70s aren’t as familiar with today’s more-complex set of variables of home buying. Back in the old days, we didn’t do home inspections, let alone have home inspectors who instill fear in buyers who are already skittish. I don’t mind suggesting further inspections, but have some bedside manner, for pete’s sake. Describe them in a way that you don’t scare the crap out of the buyers. In the days that passed between the home inspection and the actual mold results, you can bet that the buyer/agent imagined the very worst.

Her final statement?  “I can’t handle the stress”.

The next day she sent over the signed cancellation form, with no explanation.

We completed the remediation, and now I get to convince another buyer that there isn’t a problem today.

How many other homes for sale have minor mold under a sink or toilet?  Many? Most? Yet, the majority of homes sold don’t get tested for mold, so buyers never know what they are buying, or what lies ahead. But not here!  We’ve done full remediation and it tested 100% clean!

Open house 12-3pm this weekend!


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