Last week, we saw here how the number of July sales has been plummeting, and with three days to go in the month, we are now at 119 NSDCC sales – which means we will end up with around 40% to 50% of last year’s July sales.

We also hear about how inventory is rapidly rising in other areas of the country.  How are we doing here?

Here are the recent monthly counts of NSDCC July listings:

2017: 412

2018: 433

2019: 445

2020: 468

2021: 349

2022: 215 so far.

The NSDCC sales really aren’t bad, considering how few new listings are coming to market.

There is a bit of a backlog of sellers hoping to get lucky, but they will likely cancel their listing in the next month or two and try again next year, rather than give it away.

Between now and February, there will probably be months when we don’t reach 100 NSDCC sales, and it will be because there won’t be enough homes available to sell!

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