We are having fewer sales between Carlsbad and La Jolla, but about the same percentage are closing over the list price as we’ve seen in the previous months of 2022:

NSDCC Detached-Home Sales, June (Month-to-Date)

Number of Sales: 104

Number of Sales Closed Over List: 68 (65%)

Average List Price of Over Lists: $2,298,732

Average Sales Price of Over Lists: $2,448,509

SP:LP = 107%

Median List Price of Over Lists: $2,100,000

Median Sales Price of Over Lists: $2,267,500

SP:LP = 108%

Can we say that the list pricing has come down much? Not really.

The median days-on market of those that closed over list was 8 days, so pretty much all of the buyers were into the higher mortgage-rate era when they made their decision.

I know it’s tempting for waiting buyers to think it’s going to get better, later – but so far, all that’s happened is fewer sales.


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