The coronavirus adds another curiosity as to why the sellers might be selling. Does this home not quarantine well? Or the neighborhood? Or did they get the bug?

With the protocols encouraging more scrutiny of showings, buyers and buyers’ agents should have more in-person encounters with the listing agent at the house.  It’s a great opportunity to gather more information that could assist you!

If you hit the listing agent between the eyes with, “Why are they selling?”, don’t be surprised if if you get a vague answer, or no answer at all.  Listing agents are notorious for being reluctant to talk about their sellers, even though it’s their opportunity to be different and answer tactfully to help elicit an offer.

Here’s a better question to ask, because it’s answer will not only give you a clue about their motivation to sell, but also a snapshot of their timeline:

“Where are the sellers moving?”

Listing agents don’t mind answering that one, and it makes it easier to follow up with with more pointed questions if needed.

The real estate disrupters want you to believe that old-fashioned real estate is antiquated and all you need to do is place your order online after watching a Matterport. But having quality communication with the listing agent – who probably is more willing to talk to the top buyer’s agents – can put you in a much better negotiating position.

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