Yesterday we heard the ‘stunning’ news that September sales dropped 13% year-over-year in Southern California.  What about locally?

There were 208 detached-home sales between La Jolla and Carlsbad this year, which was 20% below September, 2017. But once you factor in the extra business day, it was really -12%, which isn’t outrageous.

The sales and pricing stats will be more bouncy now that we’re pulling into Stagnant City.  We already had two other months this year (May and June) that had -20% sales YoY, and we bounced right back and had more sales the next month (July was 271 vs 260) and about the same in August (275 vs 279).

The NSDCC sales last month (Happy November!) have already matched those in 2015, and once the full count is in, should be close to those in 2017 (we did have an extra day this year). I bet that won’t make the doom-doom report!

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