This is the Zillow graph of my luxury one-story listing.  It shows how quickly the attention span drops off, and the importance of taking advantage of the early urgency.  Make the first impression a good one, because viewers have their searches pre-programmed, and they click & go.

There is a pending sale up the street of a 5,345sf two-story house listed for $1,799,000, and while I had built my case why the one-story homes were more desirable and deserved a premium, apparently that buyer didn’t get the memo.  My seller took my advice, and lowered early and in 5% increments – which caused the one-day bump in the views above – creating a sizable gap between us and the pending home up the street.

It worked – we found our buyer a week later!

I’m a big believer in our open-house marketing – it gives us a chance to help the buyers directly.  Even though they later said they had an agent, I’d rather do what I can to help make the sale, regardless of who gets the commission.

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