The latest BRE stats are out:

Do you get the feeling that the real estate environment is like the wild wild west?  Well, it is – there is virtually no oversight or enforcement going on:

Fiscal year 2015-2016

Licensee population: 408,357

Complaints received and screened: 6,207

Complaints assigned for investigation: 2,850

Complaints closed (no discipline recommended): 2,731

Complaints referred for disciplinary action: 1,144

Citations issued: 753

Licenses revoked: 411 (+18% from previous year)

Licenses suspended: 120 (+15%)

Licenses surrendered: 114

They are only revoking 0.1% of the licensees every year?  No wonder we see felony fraud being committed every day!  The last I heard, it takes 18 months for them to get around to answering a complaint.  But now we know why – their budget is only $52 million per year:



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