We could use more inventory, for several reasons – to slow price increases, to provide more opportunities for first-timers and newcomers, and to keep realtors busy!

But people don’t want to move, and that’s unlikely to change.  We’re probably in the best climate in America, and enjoy a relatively-perfect lifestyle – why would you give that up?

Most aren’t going anywhere, and that’s fine.

But for those who might consider taking the money and running, where can you go?  As time goes on, the options are getting more creative.

I’ve long thought that we will see communal living and tent cities as suitable options for some baby boomers.  Others sell their house and buy the big RV and cruise the country.

Did you catch the idea mentioned in the nytimes.com article called roam.co?

You pay $500 per week and live in psuedo-communal living at different locations around the world.  They are just getting started, so the locations are few, but the idea could catch on:


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