spring selling seasonPeople are already wondering when the spring selling season officially gets started.  Typically things really get rolling the day after the Super Bowl, but with the weather being so nice, I’ll say now!

How did we do on the first day of 2014 for new listings?  There are many agents who refresh their old listings to get a new listing number, so the new-listing counts are always higher on New Years’ Day.

In San Diego County we averaged 71 new listings per day last month, which was slightly lower than in December, 2012 when the average was 75 new listings per day.

San Diego County New Listings on New Years’ Day:

2013: 104 / $315/sf

2014: 93 / $363/sf

There will be some added today with yesterday’s date on them, so we’re off to about the same start as last year.  Considering that the county-wide average pricing rose 20% between January and December, the list-price average being only 15% higher doesn’t sound bad!

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