Are you accustomed to using the internet for all your shopping needs?  Those who prefer to research and buy products and services on-line will find it natural to do the same for agents.

Here are four ways to use the internet when selecting a realtor:

1.  Google their name.  Any realtor worth considering should have a decent web presence, and hopefully some evidence of their past performance.  Check the dates of their latest blog posts or featured listings.

2.  Check their license number.  Every piece of advertising has the realtor’s license number on it, including websites and business cards.

There are some new agents who are really good, and there are older agents that should be put out to pasture, so it’s not a perfect guide.  But at least you can easily tell how long an agent has been in the business with a simple glance at their license number.

The real estate licenses are issued with sequential numbers.  I just use my company’s broker number as a guide.  If they have a lower number than Klinge Realty, they’ve been around for more than ten years, and if they are a new or newer agent, then I need to check how many sales they have closed on the MLS.  Here are the months that these licenses were issued:

License Number Month Issued
01900000 June, 2011
01800000 April, 2007
01700000 June, 2005
01400000 Nov, 2003
01388871 (Klinge Realty) June, 2003

3.  Check their profile on Zillow.  The industry’s leader now includes both reviews of agents, and how many sales they have closed in the last twelve months.

An agent who has something to offer should have double-digit reviews and sales (good agents should sell at least one home per month on average).  Any agent who has more than 75-100 sales has a big team of agents who are all reporting under the leader’s name, which is somewhat deceiving.

4.  Look for videos.  Every agent worth considering should be using video in some fashion – at least a video of themselves on Zillow or their website, and/or real video tours of their listings with commentary.


Yelp used to be a reliable source, but they have been under fire lately.  They have deleted positive reviews from my actual clients, and here a Carlsbad dentist gets on TV with his experience:

Yelp hides additional reviews – check at the bottom of each Yelp page where you see this link: other reviews that are not currently recommended

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