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Any homebuyer on the market right now will tell you the crowd of buyers and multiple offers are creating a challenge.

Those in search of distressed homes owned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are not immune to this supply-and-demand situation. In fact, recently one HUD home in San Diego attracted 100 offers within 10 days.

“In this market, because it’s so competitive we’re seeing buyers just happy to get a house. They are being less selective on location and condition,” said Whissel, broker/owner of Whissel Realty.

But in its latest news report, RealtyTrac reported that an uptick in homes owned by HUD may create opportunities for patient buyers.

Experts project that over the next two years, as lenders steadily work through a backlog of foreclosures delayed by foreclosure-processing reviews, the supply of these HUD homes will increase significantly.


In the western part of Riverside County in California, HUD-owned home sales are increasing significantly.

“HUD sales have increased due to the hold back of bank-owned homes for robo-signing reviews, and, most recently, the Homeowner Bill of Rights,” said HUD local listing broker Nat Genis.

Genis added, “Inventory is there, just not being released during the banks/servicers review of the loan/mortgage documents.”

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For those hoping for more inventory, it’s good to see that the recent foreclosure activity around San Diego appears to have been going in the right direction over the last couple of weeks:

San Diego County Filings

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