Towards the end of this video, Pardee’s Shaw Lorenz development is mentioned, the 136-homesite development which remains quiet (unless someone has heard more?).  They have said in the past that it would be a custom, and semi-custom development, but at this point who knows if they’ll be selling lots or houses.  They’d be smart to continue where Derby Hill left off – there would be buyers willing to pay $1.5 to $2.0 million for those same houses on acre lots, and it would be a safer bet for Pardee than selling vacant lots for custom homes.

Click here for  the last post that covered the same area, but includes jets and the same golf hole. A comment was left reminding us that the connection to the 56 freeway isn’t a done deal.

Click here for the story about the Craftsman home featured in San Diego H&G Magazine.

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