There are several thoughts here:

  1. Open houses are powerful tools when used within a specific marketing strategy.
  2. Getting the price right is easier in the newer tract neighborhoods.
  3. Demand is fine – buyers are ready, willing, and able – and will pay a fair price.
  4. Most sellers are 5% to 10% too high on their initial list price, and then don’t adjust quickly. 
  5. The summer season will be over by mid-July (4 weeks away).

There is very little chatter in the media about specific market details – just vague numbers that always seem to sound bad. Does N.A.R., or other influential industry leaders, try to educate the participants – both clients and agents?  Why doesn’t somebody roll out real facts, and solutions?

It’s because they are gripped with fear, and scared they might say the wrong thing – and at this point, they really don’t know what to say.

Anybody with a microphone is too far removed from the day-to-day action to really know what’s happening, and won’t investigate.

I’m going to keep laying out the basics, in hopes that somebody is listening:

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