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Five major lenders made announcements last week that they would be suspending certain foreclosure activities in various states. These lenders included Ally (GMAC), JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Litton and PNC.

While this report is primarily focused on September foreclosure activity, it is important to note that we have yet to see any impact to foreclosure sales within our coverage area through Friday, October 8, 2010 by these lenders.

“We regularly see lenders make minor mistakes in foreclosure filings” says Sean O’Toole, CEO and Founder of “But the reality is that far more homeowners are behind on their mortgage payments than are even in foreclosure. The clear problem in the housing market today is not foreclosures, but negative equity; and as long as the focus remains on the symptom rather than the disease we will see little progress towards real solutions and this crisis will drag on for years to come.”

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The properties getting foreclosed in SD County – mostly the older, cheaper homes:

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