I tell sellers to price their listing aggressively to elicit offers from all the hungry buyers looking for a deal, and start a bidding war. Instead, almost all prefer the old-fashioned way and list with a higher price, expecting to come down later once the listing becomes stale and the buyers have forgotten all about you. Here’s another example of how beautifully the former works.

There were seven all-cash offers submitted on the roach, and there could have been another 4-5 but I was telling agents how high they’d have to come in to win.  Bank of America requested the highest-and-best offer from each, which sent the bidding even higher.

Congraulations to Gav, the closest guesser!  Hopefully the Padres make the playoffs!

Here’s a link to the list of guesses, and the previous youtube that shows the interior:


I’d like to see Diana Olick mention this one in her next double-dip rant!

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