osidebuyer wants a report on the lower-tier homes.

In Oceanside the cheapie SFR foreclosures have dried up, and there’s been an incremental YOY increase in $/sf pricing, with the lowest up about 15%, with those over $400,000 being flat.

Here are the first half detached sales counts by price range, and their average $/sf:

Oside Under $200K $201-$300K $301-$400K Above $400K
2009 141, $144/sf 259, $183/sf 281, $192/sf 146, $233/sf
2010 38, $165/sf 179, $202/sf 263, $209/sf 184, $232/sf

What used to buy a house in O-side two years ago, now gets you a condo with a $318/mo HOA fee:

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