Our contest from November 16th just wrapped up.  Here is a link to the original post:


At that time, all we knew was that the opening bid was $513,000.  Bank of America went on to list it for $524,900 on behalf of the seller, and we had four offers right away.  The highest offeree was a Vegas guy who owned not one, but two private planes, but he objected to the bank’s demand to waive his appraisal contingency.  So we waved bye-bye to his $575,000 offer, and took buyer #2, a single guy who owns a number of properties (double-digit) who plans to live there for the time being.

Congratulations to pemeliza, with the closest guess of $550,000!

Honorable mention goes to Billy Atwater for guessing $552,500, and predicting that it’ll close in late spring! The list of guesses are posted in the comment section.

A pair of Padres tickets and a t-shirt for each of you!

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