Another crazy day in the real estate business – just when you think you have a well-scheduled calendar, a leak at a vacant REO (that we’re about to put on the market) causes a red alert back at HQ.   The asset manager expects an answer, so we deploy all resources:

Our favorite flood guy is Roni at 911 Restoration, because his quotes are reasonable, compared to most – here’s his same-day report:

From my visual inspection, I found that the supply line to the toilet burst and flooded the entire house, the carpets are saturated with water, the kitchen cabinets and both vanities are damaged, the drywall is wet about one foot high and the enclosed patio is flooded as well. – Extracting the water from all the floors (carpet, tile). – Dispose the carpet pad. – Remove the base boards all around the house. – Remove toe kick from cabinets. – Removing all the damaged drywall, insulation and dispose it (about 2feet high). – Setting up air blowers to evaporate the moister. – Operating Dehumidifier to dry the moister. – Applying antimicrobial on walls and floors. – Haul all the debris.

The price for the dry out job: $4,980.00 the process will take between 3-4 days. The work would start as soon as 911 RESTORATION would get a signed work authorization.

Hopefully we won’t lose much momentum. My BPO was $399,900, freeway included.

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