duncbdunc left this comment a couple of posts back:

“By the way, there is something that I’ve wanted to mention to you for a while and since this is an old thread that nobody’s looking at anymore, perhaps this is a good time to pipe in.”

“Many of my friends, colleagues and aquaintances love your blog but we hesitate to hire you because our presumption is that you are too busy.”

“I wonder if it would be helpful for your business to devote a post to discuss your current level of capacity as I assume that there may be many silent readers/followers that would love to hire you but assume you are too busy to service their needs.”

“I wonder sometimes if you are like the lonely hot chick that nobody ever talks to because they assume that everyone else is.”


The blog is a side project of mine, intending to be an introduction to Jim the Realtor, and what I do:

Drive around looking at houses all day.

Sometimes I’m talking to sellers about representing their best interests, but because they are exceedingly unrealistic, I don’t take many listings these days.  Instead, I devote most of my time to helping buyers.

Our first meeting is usually at a house for sale.  A new client will see a house on-line that looks interesting, and contact me for my thoughts on it.  I’ll suggest that we take a look at it together. 

Upon arrival you’ll note that the gray ghost is a little banged up, and I am too, but just another regular guy (5′ 10″, 175 lbs.).  We’ll start our tour of the house and I’ll be doing a lot of the talking.

I’m an evaluator, demonstrating how to size up the benefits and burdens of each house so you can make better-educated decisions.

It sounds simple, and looks easy.  But my job is to go beyond the basics, and touch on the things not so obvious, enabling you to fine-tune and expand your evaluating skill.

If you’re picky like most of my clients, you’ll get used to looking at houses you don’t buy.  Buyers sometimes feel guilty for wanting to look at listings that appear somewhat marginal in the MLS, but hey, let’s investigate every possibility.  This is where Richard comes in – he assists with showings, so we can meet people all day long throughout the North County Coastal region.

I encourage buyers to make plenty of offers – it helps people get used to the process, and hopefully have a few chances to read and understand the contracts.  I take full responsibility for writing a powerful offer on your behalf, and always back it up with compelling reasons to convince the listing agent and sellers to sign it. 

But we are just the warm-up act.

Once you find a house and open escrow, you’ll see why we’re successful – my wife Donna takes over.  She ensures that your “in-escrow” experience is smooth and steady, the way it should be. 

I’d love to have the opportunity to sell a house to every one of you.  The next listing you see that looks interesting, call or email me, and let’s go take a look – I have time!

I am very grateful to be busy, and appreciate those who have become clients as a result of the blog.  The package offered here is a result of us paying attention, and trying to provide exactly what the market demands.  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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