The house next door to the one featured here on Heritage (last house in video) had closed escrow in February for $850,000, and since then it looked like the ER market could be firming up, because four others closed in the mid-$800,000s:

Street Sq. Ft. Sales Price Date
Heritage 2,996sf $850,000 2/09
Rihely 2,928sf $845,000 2/09
Lynwood 4,888sf $1,162,500 4/09 (east-side)
Spyglass 3,501sf $840,000 6/09
Cyp Hills 3,272sf $850,000 6/09
Ranch 2,700sf $845,000 7/09
Lynwood 4,226sf $1,232,000 7/09 (east-side)
Lynwood 5,388 $1,725,000 7/09

But then the 3,112sf house on Verbena slipped down to $800,000 last month. WaMu, who owns this former model, put it on the market for $791,505, and like most bank deals, they found a buyer promptly. But when it fell out of escrow Friday, they dropped the list price down to $751,930:

The agent said this morning that there are more than TEN offers in hand.

The 4,888sf house for sale on the west side of Lynwood was marked pending today, listed on the range $1.249 to $1.399 million – well under the 5,388sf house two doors down that closed a month ago for $1,725,000.

Poof, another notch down practically overnight – sellers, are you sure you want to keep holding out?

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