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Hat tip to Mr. T!

We all remember Tom Cruise in the Movie “TOP GUN” when he makes a low pass near the control tower and causes an officer to spill coffee down his shirt. Well, here are short clips of the top 10 low pass flybys ever filmed … and of course for nostalgia, let’s see that Top Gun low pass again.

Pay particular attention to the last shown low pass. It is number one. Watch the halo of water around the plane.  It happened during a Blue Angels event over San Francisco several years ago. It was the pilot’s last show with the team and he had nothing to lose.  Many of the boats in the bay lost windows to the sonic blast. It’s a kick to watch. Number 3 was pretty impressive too.

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Thank You Veterans!

Hat tip to Kelly O:

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Leap Frogs

Have you ever jumped into Petco Park? This is how it looks.

The Navy Parachute Team not only got to jump into the Padres’ 2014 home opener, but were able to participate in honoring baseball legend Jerry Coleman by flying a special flag with his initials and trademark star:

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John F. Kennedy in San Diego

President John F. Kennedy came to San Diego on June 6, 1963 to address the Marines at the MCRD. Governor Pat Brown also convinced him to give the commencement speech at San Diego State College, and receive an honorary doctorate degree in law at the ceremony. It was the first time a California State College had awarded an honorary doctorate degree.

The tour was covered by local media outlets. Here is the KFMB version – note the sign at the filling station that was advertising gasoline for 29.9 cents per gallon, and that was back when they pumped it for you!

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Some Gave All

The first 2,500 Americans of the more than 6,700 who have given their life in Iraq and Afghanistan – thanks to all veterans for your service and preserving our freedom!

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Real Top Gun

Did you know that in 1954, the Navy offered N.A.S. Miramar to San Diego for $1 and the city considered using the base to relocate its airport?

But it was deemed at the time to be too far away from most residents and the offer was declined!

This 1954 photo shows nothing around >>>

(click on image to enlarge)

The movie ‘Top Gun’ was filmed in San Diego when Miramar N.A.S. was ‘Fightertown, U.S.A.’.  The Top Gun school moved to Fallon, Nevada, when the Marines moved back to Miramar in the late 1990s.  They are phasing out all fighter-pilot training at Miramar by 2015 as the F-18’s are retired.

As a result, we might only see the real deal on video in the near future. I think this is Virginia-based:

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Semper Fidelis

A Marine who survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was returned to the USS Arizona for eternity.  “He wanted to be with his friends”.

Divers took an urn holding the cremated remains of Frank Cabiness from the late Marine’s family, swam over to the sunken battleship and placed the container inside during a solemn ceremony in December 2011.

Hawaii-based Marines from the 3rd Marine Regiment performed a rifle salute during the ceremony. Cabiness died in Lewisville, Texas, at the age of 86.

His son, Jerry Cabiness, said his father always wanted to return to his ship.

“He said it was because that’s where he belonged. Because he lost all of his friends there and he wanted to be with them,” Jerry Cabiness said after the service.

The family took some time to fulfill his father’s wishes because they had some financial problems and it is expensive to travel to Hawaii, he said.  “But we finally got it done. And it was a beautiful ceremony. The Marines did him proud,” he said.

Dozens of Arizona crew members who lived through the December 7, 1941 attack have chosen to have their ashes interred on the battleship after death.

Many do it out of a desire to join those they left behind.

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