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The Future

We got into the future of realtors over the weekend.

It started with the crowdfunding effort to raise money to build a realtor-owned portal, and the goal is $1,100,000.  But less than $200,000 has been donated so far, so it’s unlikely the effort will be successful.

It’s a good idea though!

I explained why here, and then kept it going in the comment section:

But talk about the future may make you wonder what will happen here.

What is the future of the, and JtR?

While most of the house-selling industry is going to the big agent teams, I’m going to stick with the personal-consultant approach, and use this blog to help differentiate myself from the rest of the pack.

I’ll risk being seen as irrelevant, but I’ll take that chance and try to appeal to those who are curious for more data/insight about our local market.

It is astonishing how many visitors still come to the blog!  Don’t people stop reading real estate websites once they buy or sell a house?

Yet the Google Analytics above show that we’re still getting almost 5,000 unique visitors per months with virtually no promotion at all.  Even if most of those hits are the sexy internet bots, I’d be happy if we had 500 people!

Thank you for being here!

What’s Next for JtR and

  • More Kayla – I’ve said it before, but I mean it this time.
  • Grow the Staff – Interviews began today to hire one more person.  Not looking for the big-team, just need more help with the little things.
  • Blog Upgrades – Work is underway to add a home-search feature, and consolidate others. Hoping to tune up the mobile access too.
  • Blog Content – This paragraph below is included in every sale, and I think it gives permission for agents to be honest and provide the transparency that is wanted and needed – not sure how far I will push it though:
  • Videos – I am more enthusiastic about videos than ever, and have been converting to Facebook Live as an alternative.  Not that many people watch the videos here, but I’ll keep them coming and hope to improve on them because they are the future.  Every blog post is automatically uploaded to that Facebook account, so if that is a preferred way for you to receive your knowledge, then like/follow the page there and you will get everything you get here, and then some!
  • Documentary Film – Today is the deadline for Sundance, and Giorgio has been screening privately to industry insiders to get valuable feedback before submitting.  We discussed last week about including some of my old foreclosure videos, so there is hope I won’t end up on the cutting room floor.

Stick around, there’s plenty more to come!

Tell your friends and family who are thinking of buying or selling to use this blog as a resource, and to employ Kayla and I to be their realtors!  I’d appreciate it!


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Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

Jay Gatsby’s Mansion is FOR SALE!

One of my most favorite books of all time is The Great Gatsby.  When it turned into a motion picture with another one of my favorites, Leonardo DiCaprio, I became even more in love!

In 2015, the mansion that inspired Gatsby’s home became for sale! I thought…YES! But then I saw the price tag of $100 million and was a little discouraged – I need to sell more houses!

This mansion boasts 18 bedrooms, 2 separate guest homes, indoor pool, a bowling alley, a shooting range, and a casino! Unfortunately at the end of the dock you will not see Daisy Buchanan’s green light, but the New York City skyline instead! Not bad!

Here’s a link with photos to see more! The house is now down to $85 million!


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Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

What Do I Do With That Bonus Room?!

Most homes have some sort of bonus room whether it be a basement, attic, extra space in the master suite, or maybe even that bedroom that’s a tad too small to fit a queen bed. The majority of people think about ripping a wall down and adding to that walk in closet – hey, I’m one of those people too! However, there are a few ideas that would work that wouldn’t be as costly!

Check out our Pinterest board for examples:

1. Breakfast Nook

If it’s near the kitchen, place a table for two and a plant and VIOLA! You have your own cafe!

2. Kids’ Playroom and/or Storage

Kids can never have enough things. If you have an actual room, this is a great place to have your kids play in! If you only have enough room for shelves, that works too! This would be a great place to not only store toys, but books, games, and even DVDs!

3. Bunk Beds

Let’s say your room is too tight for that queen or full bed – perfect time to install some bunk beds. Add some drawers underneath to ensure you see some floor plus keep it clutter free! Yes, this might only work for children but who would really pass up on a cozy place to sleep?

4. Home Office

I assume this one would apply to a lot of readers out there. When building a home office in a confined space, think about putting storage and shelving above your desk/computer rather than next to it on the ground. You can install a light fixture on the ceiling or wall to clear up room on your desk as well!

5. Guest Room

There are ways to trick the eye to make a small room seem much larger! The colors, the art, everything you do can make a room seem bigger or smaller. Here is another great article with creative ways to completely transform your bedroom!

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Our Clients’ Experience 2

I appreciate our clients who are willing to go on camera to express their thoughts about their experience – thank you Eddie89!

A key point for buyers in a bidding war is to know when to increase your bid, and by how much.  I help you determine which houses are worthy of a higher bid – and most aren’t, so you will lose a few!

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Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

VR is becoming a huge part in real estate where you don’t even have to walk into an actual home! You can put on the headgear, and tour another home while being in your living room! Scary… but it’s what our world is coming to.

I bring it up today because the luxury home builder Toll Brothers has launched a VR app called “Kitchen 360.” You can now view your future kitchen in 360 and choose from many different configurations – swapping out appliances, changing colors, etc!

Check out the full article below!

JtR:  Virtual reality and the 360 tours are great gimmicks, but they aren’t necessarily a good thing for home sellers.  Buyers are looking for any reason NOT to buy, and they can mis-interpret something they see on camera and decide against seeing the house in person – when it could be the right fit.

I don’t recommend the VR/360 tours for houses that aren’t perfect.  But like Kayla said, it is what our world is coming to, so look for mass implementation.

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Trendy Tuesday By Kayla

Pro Designers’ 14 Decor Pet Peeves

Elle Decor featured an article that I thought I would share! We always like to get ideas from Pinterest, interior designer’s blogs, Instagram, etc. to make our home not only “homey” but TRENDY! But there are times when we think we are pro designers (when we totally are not) and tend to over-design.

Here is the full article below:

These were my top 5:

1. Matching art to decor – I am totally guilty of this one. I have matched my entire bedroom to my wall art… that is a major no-no. I now like to have muted tones for my furniture and then have the art and decor be pops of color.

2. Poorly positioned art – I think everyone can agree on this. There is nothing worse when you have to look up (and eventually get a crick in your neck) at art. Same with the TV! No one wants to watch a movie when that requires you to lift your head for 2 hours.

3. Too many open shelves – This just stresses me out. It’s nice to have some doors to hide the chaos especially in the kitchen – I don’t have enough time to straighten out all my mugs, cups, wine glasses, etc! Plus I’m not sure if we need to show off my souvenir mug I got from Disneyland ten years ago…

4. Skimpy curtains – This honestly reminds me of a fraternity house. Believe it or not, there are people that have curtains too short for their window! The designer Natalie Kraiem ( prefers to have them hang an extra inch or two longer. She also likes to hang the rods or tracks below the crown molding to make the ceilings appear taller.

5. Too much clutter – Less is definitely more. I love to accessorize the wall decor, but sometimes one larger item is better than tons of mini items.

What are your decorating pet peeves?

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Trendy Tuesday by Kayla

I subscribe to Architectural Digest and I absolutely LOVE reading all their articles. I get so many ideas for interior design and it’s a great resource to see all the upcoming trends. It’s also great when you feel like looking at really cool homes all over the world!

Here is the most Instagrammed house in Los Angeles. A lot of brands like to use this home as a backdrop for their look-books. It’s also been used as a filming location for the past few years.

Now, this isn’t the most practical home for a family. It’s multi-level and has more of an artsy/zen-like feel, but that’s normal for Venice!

Here is the article from Architectural Digest:

Here is another link from Image Locations that gives you a better idea about the inside:

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