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Posted by on Feb 2, 2019 in ADU, Jim's Take on the Market, The Future | 4 comments | Print Print

Instant House

With cities under pressure to provide affordable housing, it would be nice if there were ready-made buildings that a crane could drop onsite.

This is the right idea, but high-cost (probably more than most would spend).

If we could find a builder/factory that would sell them for half of this or less, I think there would be strong interest.  I’ll keep an eye out!

But this is the speed that would sell:


  1. Agree but that particular guy didn’t get the memo – he’s taking two months to build a regular-sized (or bigger) home.

    This is a great solution, and built in 24 hours for only $4,000:

  2. It’s easy to say 4000 dollars isn’t a lot of money but for example South Africa which is unusual in having an extremely large white African population also unusually has ( left over from the old apartheid regime, except that white people’s social security grants were larger than other people’s) the only social security system in Africa. The government old age pension is approximately 100 dollars a month whilst child support ( per child) or the allowance for being so disabled to the extent one is physically unable to work is about 95 dollars.

    In most of the world 4000 dollars US is a L O T of money.

    Hope you all say God bless America/ Great Britain/ Greece etc. every day 🙂

    You don’t know how good you have it!

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