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My 7,500th Blog Post

I started this blog on a Saturday morning in September, 2005 with a free account on Squarespace.  Donna said, “Just don’t spend too much time on it”.

I don’t know how many blog posts were on the Squarespace account – a few hundred – but this is the 7,500 blog post since I switched to WordPress.

Other stats:

7,500 Blog posts

62,021 Blog comments

1,019,432 Visitors in the last ten years (including bots)

8,450 Tweets

2,588 YouTubes

2,215,275 YouTube views:

(the Watch time didn’t start until 2012)

The transition from a foreclosure-video website to a general real estate format has been challenging, and I’m thankful to have an audience.

I appreciate you being here!

Thank you to those who comment – you add texture and perspective to the content that makes it much more valuable to all readers.  Hat tip to Gary (daytrip) who has supplied much/most of the outside content and colorful commentary – and I only use about half of each!

There are no ads here, and no paid blog posts by outsiders.  I try to keep the blog focused on the most relevant, useful topics of the day to assist the reader with their real estate education.  I want to be your realtor – what you see here is just a sample of what I can do to help you.  I appreciate the blog readers who have allowed me to help them buy and sell houses – THANK YOU!

Monthly blog views:


  1. Thank you, Jim!

  2. As a real estate appraiser, investor / flipper, and friends and family broker I’ve followed your site since about 2006. I pass along some of your posts to fellow real estate professionals and clients from time to time. Your market insights are helpful. I wish you continued success!

  3. Well done Jim… just remember; don’t spend too much time on it.

  4. Congratulations, Jim!

    Are we having cake!? 🙂

  5. It is true, some of my posts never see the light of day, however there are but four categories by which my post will receive a rejection slip, which is a pretty liberal editorial policy, by my measure. They are:

    1. Too obnoxious
    2. Too Trumpy
    3. Way Too Trumpy
    4. Come on, man! Gimme a break!

    To my memory, they’ve been fairly applied, and underscore the quality of this blog that has ensured it’s longevity. To be candid, there was one reader who declared that because of one of my posts he found offensive, he would never buy real estate in San Diego again. I’ve checked it out since, and indeed, according to the numbers, San Diego has been short one projected monthly home sale ever since, and for this, I take full responsibility, and offer my apologies to the city of San Diego proper.

    That said, congratulations to Jim the Realtor!! It’s been a wild success, well deserved!!

  6. Congrats. A million hits is quite the milestone as well. Gone are the days when you needed a guest blogger. Remember that? Now you can produce and publish from your phone from anywhere. “In your spare time.”

    Greetings from Chatham MA one of the prettiest towns anywhere.

  7. Thanks Rob Dawg – you have been a valuable contributor, and I appreciate your contributions here!

  8. A million is a big number! If you had a dollar for each visitor you would almost have enough money to buy a home in San Diego or be on of the 68000 richest people in South Africa. Congratulations!

  9. Congrats Jim. I’m a bit north of your area now but still check in from time to time. Nice milestone.

  10. Thanks Genius – it’s been a while, good to hear from you!

  11. Congratulations, Jim! I wish I had time to actually contribute to a blog that has given me so much over the years; perhaps I can when one of my kids gets off to college. Please know you are my real estate agent for life; I hope that will suffice for now. We are saving for our next rental prop, as I type…

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