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Posted by on Aug 25, 2018 in Boomers, Graphs of Market Indicators, Jim's Take on the Market | 5 comments | Print Print

San Diego #2

We have dispatched the lightweights around the Bay Area and have now passed those pesky VenCo guys, so only one more town in our way – Los Angeles!

We can do this!  Keep being less-affordable San Diego!

The NAR didn’t list the criteria they used to create this graphic, so I’m not sure what we need to do to win, except tell your friends and family to move to Ohio or Scranton, PA?

But seriously. We’re America’s Finest City (though New York City is in the running – wow!). Shouldn’t more rich people be moving here to retire?  And fewer retirees be willing to leave?

In a downturn, our housing market could survive better than other cities just because of the retiree influence.


  1. The only thing wrong with Prop 13 is the business sale transfer loophole that circumvents reassessment even when businesses are sold.

  2. Yes, where businesses can sell the corporation to new owners but because the property is still owned by the same corporation, no change.

    But the transferring of old tax basis to kids or grandkids is going to be under scrutiny, and if put to a vote, look out. It will be Boomers vs. Everyone not related to a Boomer!

  3. Every couple years since the 80’s, young people “discover” the “atrocities” of Prop 13, while the conditions for it’s very popular approval remain – people being taxed out of their homes.

    Efforts to repeal or revise it have been continuous since it’s passage. Good luck!

  4. Efforts to repeal or revise it have been continuous since it’s passage. Good luck!

    Yes, and I think this will be the first time that realtors get blamed for the idea, and the opposition will play that card a lot. Paint realtors as evil, and it won’t pass.

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