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  1. One word; interlopers.

  2. Very long answer here. Just my 2 cents but I’ll chime in from personal experience. I moved to Boise from Santa Barbara County in 2010. I had to make a choice between sending my youngest to UC-Santa Cruz or buying a home there. No way I could do both! I was paying $2,005/month for a trac home, and the rent had increased every year since 2006.

    When I bought a home in Boise in late 2010, a neighbor asked me where I was from as I stood outside my new home waiting for my realtor with the key.
    Mike: “I wonder who bought this home.”
    Me: “I did!”
    Mike: “Where did you move from?”
    Me: *Tentatively* “California”… “Santa Barbara”.
    Mike: *Feigned tantrum* Then… “I came from Inland Empire. *Chuckling* And just a word of advice, don’t say ‘California’. Say Santa Barbara! Everyone loves Santa Barbara!”
    I’ve taken his advice. But people still say why would you leave Santa Barbara?

    Everyone is friendly here. The last two years have seen tremendous growth (and much more traffic). If every home in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna and Nampa (Treasure Valley) on the market sold, it would deplete the present inventory in 1.2 months. It’s a supply and demand problem.

    I bought:
    2010: 2,150 sf 3/2, + office, $289,900 ($135/sf)
    2016: 1,971 sf 3/2, $340,000 ($173/sf)
    2018: 2,321 sf 3/3, $492,000 ($212/sf) (With fiance, building w/ same builder ZEC)

    Final note: Agent told me recently properties bought with cash in Ada County are 40% of sales. In 2010, $200k+ was considered “upscale”. Now skyrocketing to $400k and climbing. We’re hoping to lock in mortgage at 4.5%. Move in date: October 5th.

  3. Silly tribalism is real, but not predominant.

  4. “Silly tribalism is real, but not predominant.”

    It’s been going strong since before recorded history, so I think “silly” might not be an accurate descriptive. It may be manifest to the longevity of a civilization, as the fall of Rome may seem to imply. If we give a nod to science, we can expect it to be going strong long after you and I are gone and forgotten. Beats the hell of aimless multiculturalism, as our history seems to show, and the general flight to Idaho seems to suggest.


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