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Posted by on Apr 19, 2017 in Auctions, Contests, Jim's Take on the Market | 17 comments | Print Print

Live Auction April 20th

The auction of Matt Kemp’s house in Poway is Thursday!

You can watch the auction live at 4:00pm Pacific Time on the Concierge Auctions mobile app, where you can also find their rules list.  They will add a 10% buyer’s premium to the winning bid to determine the final sales price.  If you didn’t know that and want to change your bid, feel free!

Kemp has $12,000,000 invested.  The person with the closest guess will receive four tickets to a Padres game!  Here are the guesses:

$4,200,000 – Rob

$4,735,000 – BAM

$5,325,000 – Amy

$5,700,000 – elbarcosr

$5,900,000 – Real Estate Rookie

$6,200,000 – Nick LB

$6,250,000 – Tom

$6,500,000 – LT

$6,519,000 – Matt V.

$6,900,000 – Daniel

$7,050,000 – Susie

$7,126.000 – Ed

$7,350,000 – Mark H.

$7,423,200 – Goughy

$7,875,000 – Kerry

$7,900,000 – kman

$8,000,000 – Name

$8,800,000 – Mike M.

$8,888,888.88 – JakeL

$9,100,000 – Lifeisradincarlsbad

$9,210,000 – CJ

$9,400,000 – Derek

$9,500,000 – Joe k

$9,600,000 – Mike Call

$9,750,000 – bode

$9,800,000 – Jenny

$10,000,200 – Janet

$10,527,000 – Eddie89

There is still time – leave your guess in the comment section below.

Here are more details on the house:



  1. I know nothing about this place and this guess could be hilariously off but will just put a wild guess out there . My uneducated guess is $12 million

  2. Hmmmm…


  3. My guess: $11,000,000

  4. Let’s go with $8,400,000

  5. I’ll bid $10,750,000, Bob.

  6. How about $9,000,000

  7. $8,200,000.00. Matt D

  8. Other thoughts as we head down the final stretch:

    1. Bidders have to deposit $100,000 into an escrow account just to bid. It weeds out the casual folks.

    2. They told me that they aren’t doing an event at the house, which might just be to keep gawkers like me from attending. But if it ends up being an online auction, it would take away some of the benefit of bidders being able to look each other in the eye, which can fuel a wild emotional contest.

    3. At this Del Mar auction, the auctioneer was fantastic, and pushed the price up so fast you could barely keep track. A celebrity bidding by phone though a proxy won it – will we see something like that happen today?

  9. JtR can you stream it here on bubbleinfo? Yeah, I’m tech challenged 🙂

  10. I doubt they will have a live stream link, but I’ll see what I can do.

    It looks like it’s going to be an online auction, from their FAQs:

    Mobile/App – Our mobile bidding app allows buyers to participate in our auctions real-time from anywhere in the world. Bidders are able to watch bids live, and/or in conjunction with a phone or proxy representative. Bidding may take place solely on the app, or in conjunction with an On-Site or Portfolio Sale.

  11. They should livestream it with multiple steady cams, backed up by a personal appearance of what’s left of CSN singing “Our House”!

    This is a $12M bomber!

    Tilt the game board your way, expensive house-selling dude!

  12. JtR: I am guessing it might not have a deal – a failed auction. George T

  13. Foul on JTR, auction website says it will be held on Apr 25.

  14. Foul on me because it looks like they rescheduled? Look at the photo I clipped yesterday that says 4/20.

    I guess George may have seen it first?? 🙂

    Here I am doing a blog that provides free information – and Padres tickets – with no obligation asked of you, yet people can’t wait to jump on me. Come back on the 25th, and we’ll see if it goes off then.

  15. Jim,
    I think the auction is postponed because there’s very few bidders. After all, they have to put in $100K into an escrow account to even bid. So maybe Matt Kemp’s agent is trying to drum up more interest.

    Location is everything in real estate. Are there really millionaires who can’t wait to move to Poway? I think Matt Kemp may have been the only one…

  16. Well what transpired today!?!

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