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  1. Something weird going on with the video in certain places.

  2. Yeah, I saw it too — Jim, somethings a little off, the video was flickering — black half-frames intermixed on occasion. You sure your new camera is OK?

  3. I think buyers were putting in a deduction for “future depreciation” which they may now be taking out due to stabilization of prices, allowing prices to rise. I just read that rent is increasing quite a bit, which will also put upward pressure on prices.

  4. The video was replaced – it was an upload problem with youtube.

    Thanks for noticing.

  5. I have a relative who lives in “The Gables” Torrey Hills who says they have had real estate agents coming to the door asking if they want to sell their house……that they have a client interested in getting into that neighborhood.

    I didn’t think real estate agents did that anymore…..go door to door, but it’s happened a few times now.

  6. Glad to see you chose a nice random, representative sample.

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