Trendy Tuesday – Pantry Renovation

Trendy Tuesday – Pantry Renovation

I don’t know where the last three months have gone, but it is now April which means time for some SPRING CLEANING! There are a few places in a home that always seem to get cluttered and messy. Each week during the month of April, I will talk about how to better organize your space so it not only looks nice but it will be easier to find things!

Some people might have an actual pantry, which is a small room next to the kitchen to store food/sauces/etc.  Others might have extra cabinets and shelving, which then becomes their official “pantry.”  Here are some ideas that can make sure your pantry doesn’t a hodge-podge of ‘stuff’:

Use clear air-tight containers – I swear this will solve half your problems. Best part about this is you can get them anywhere – Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, literally wherever. This will help your pantry look so clean and crisp rather than having a bunch of bags and boxes of stuff everywhere. Since they’re air-tight, your food will last so much longer – WIN WIN!

Door storage – This is great for “on the go” snacks or anything you would like to have easy access to! I’ve seen people use these for spices as well. If you would like to use this trick, I would recommend putting only light items in the racks so the door won’t be heavy/hard to open.

Clear bins or baskets- This is pretty similar to #1. If you don’t want to take food out of the original box/bag you can store them in an open container! You could also try to group them into categories like a bin for baking, grains, tea bags, etc! And if you want to be EXTRA organized, use a label maker so things are easier to find!

My best friend from college works at Facebook HQ and check out all their snacks in baskets/bins!

4. Use a cart – Bar carts have become extremely popular within the last few years – especially for those young millennials! They can also be used to store plates, bowls, mugs, whatever your heart desires! This idea is great for people who have a smaller kitchen and need more shelving.

5. Pegboards – I LOVE this idea! Pegboards would mostly be used for a man’s tools – well the times have changed and now people are using them in kitchens! This would be perfect for pots and pans rather than reaching far back into a cabinet or drawer. If can also free up some counter space. Check out our Pinterest page to see more photos of people using pegboards!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Trendy Tuesday – Home Office Ideas

This is currently something my mother and I are putting together so why not discuss it with all of YOU?!

A lot of people work from home, which definitely has some pros but also some cons. Pros – NO COMMUTE (for SD no sitting in traffic – ugh), you can wear whatever you want, get things done around the house while on a break, etc. Cons – LOTS OF DISTRACTIONS aka kids, TV, a refrigerator with endless amount of food…. yeah, you get the picture.

Creating the perfect home office is clutch. You are planning on spending countless hours/days in this space, so it is extremely important to create the perfect environment based on your wants and needs. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into creating your perfect home office!

1. Invest in a chair – if you are not comfortable, you will not get anything done. Spend money on a good one!  Some people might also consider getting a stand up desk due to back issues. Both my parents have one!

2. Function > Form – before you go crazy and spend thousands on pretty furniture, really think about it. What do you need at your fingertips? What is your workflow like? The shelving and storage spaces are there to serve YOU! The furniture should not only look nice and compliment the rest of your home, but it should also help you to be more efficient!

3. Add color – nothing is less motivating than being stuck in a gray or beige room. Colors can help make someone get their work motor running or get that creativity flowing. You can either paint a wall your favorite color, add some colorful artwork/photos, or a beautiful arrangement of flowers!

4. View – we all will wonder off and just stare into space for 5 min (or like 20 LOL) but it’s refreshing to stare into something more interesting than a blank wall. A window is ideal, but if that’s not possible in your space then hang a pretty picture!

5. ORGANIZATION – realize what you are. Stacker or a filer? If you stack, get some baskets to organize notes, mail, etc. If you file, get vertical file folders to put on your desk. Most spaces don’t have a lot of square footage, so take advantage of those walls! There are so many places that now sell floating cubes/shelves – SHOO random knickknacks!

6. Inspire yourself – for me this is a photo of my best friends. Seeing them gets me motivated, makes me want to get stuff done so I can go visit them or go on a vacation with them! It is nice to have a mini-shrine to help you get inspired or to remind you why you do this everyday.

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

I think we can all agree that Instagram has completely blown up since it’s launch in 2010 – last year they had 800 million active users! Posts can include from delicious recipes to all the hot celebrity gossip, but you can also get lots of home decor inspiration. There are so many accounts out there but these are the ones that I like the most.

It is no secret that I watch the Kardashians – my favorite being Kourtney. She is also really into interior decorating and she mentioned a few accounts she likes to follow on her app.

Here are some of her Instagram favorites:

@archdigest – this is Architectural Digest’s official account. They have every kind of design style for any type of home!

@adesignersmind – photos from all over the world – inside and outside designs.

@1stdibs – they are a New York based marketplace filled with furniture (new or custom!), fashion, art, and jewelry.

These are other accounts I found from an article in The Spruce:

My favorites that I personally follow are below:

@em_henderson – she is a stylist, New York Times Bestselling author of STYLED, TV personality, and founder of a daily style blog. She really knows how to make a home look light and bright! – this is Christina Higham’s account, an interior designer in San Francisco. She has done a few designs in San Diego though! I think her design esthetic is very simple but timeless.

@biggerthanthethreeofus – this is a cute story. This woman and her family of three started this blog when they were renovating their 3800+ sq ft home. They share DIY projects, design, home improvement, real-life progress, etc!

@homeyohmy – if you’re a fan of black and white, FOLLOW THIS ACCOUNT!

@jonathanadler – The oh so wonderful Jonathan Adler – his feed is “an exciting wonderland of bold and compelling patterns.”

Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on all things real estate! (mostly Kayla) Our handle – @thesandiegorealestate.

Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

I found a blog post by Styled, Staged, and Sold that I thought I should share! There were a couple points that were made on what you can do with your stager but I found the design trends to be the most interesting part.

Here is the full article:

Link to Article

Design Trends that Stagers are Following

1. Color

Gray is slowly becoming more and more dead. We are going back to warmer neutrals like creamy white and beige but some also like to include a pop of color. A bold color can definitely add a upscale design element to your home. They say that the new pop color will be dark teal and millennial pink, which I LOVE! It doesn’t have to be the whole house covered in pink or teal paint but you could add some accessories! I don’t think anyone could say they saw a pop of pink and didn’t smile – trendy colors could also be very appealing to a younger crowd!

Here is our Pinterest board to see some ideas of how to use these colors!

2. Floors

A lot of people are getting rid of carpet completely and using wood or faux wood floors. They say that it should at least be on the main floor. An example would be the golf-course house where we changed the flooring to a luxury vinyl wood after a month of not selling. BOOM! We got a full price offer the same day we put it back on the market with the new floors.

3. Countertops

It’s either going to be quartz, quartzite, or granite. The quartz trend is becoming increasingly popular, which means the price of granite is becoming more reasonable. Quartz is man-made and more predictable, where granite is more unique. I have seen many variations of both and they really increase the sale-ability of a home and make it look current and more upscale.

4. Glam

Some people can mistake the word “glam” as an over-the-top look, girly, or LOTS of sparkle and gold. I go back and forth between this trend but one thing I do like about it is how clean and crisp you can make your home look. You could also make it look extremely expensive with just adding some glam barstools or glam side tables. I personally believe when you have too much “glam” in your home, it’s too much. But I think if you can add glam in a tasteful way, you can really hit the ball out of the park!

Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

24 Hours in San Diego

San Diego is absolutely massive! There are so many activities one can do whether that is hiking Torrey Pines and spending a day at the beach in Del Mar or walking the boardwalk in Pacific Beach and bar hopping!

I found an article by Culture Trip that was to help people explore San Diego in 24 hours. This would be great even for the North County folk that have never gone down south to explore what the city of San Diego has to offer!

Check it out –

Kayla’s Highlights

1. Waterfront Park in Downtown

I discovered this park a few years ago when I lived in Pacific Beach. It can be great for a quick walk OR there are plenty of festivals that occur throughout the year. Here are some events coming up in 2018!

CRSSD Fest (music): – they do a 2nd one in the Fall.

Festival of Yoga:

Mac N’ Cheese Festival:

2. Shopping in North Park

North Park is such a trendy/upcoming neighborhood. The houses are not only cute but they’re getting more expensive because it’s the hot place to be! Along 30th Street and University, you will see dozens of cool bars and awesome shops – not just for clothes but for gifts too! A girlfriend always does her gift shopping at Pigment.

3. Breweries

If you drive along Miramar road between the 805 and 15 freeway, you will stumble across some killer breweries. Ballast Point is insanely huge. There is the brewery/bar area on one side, and then a more restaurant setting on the other. I also love the AleSmith brews – Pale Ale .394 being my fav! I’ve never been to the brewery itself, but I’ve only heard good things!

Hope you go and visit some of these unique yet very cool places!

I love this city!

Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

How NOT to Decorate Your Master Bedroom

There are some buyers that have a hard time imagining what the house would look like with their furniture and personal touches in it – so if it looks slightly off when showing, those buyers could be running for the door. Here’s what you should NOT have your master bedroom looking like when selling.

This article came from but I completely agree with all these points.

Link to Article

Article below, with Kayla’s thoughts in italics:


Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

Designing a Bathroom on a Budget

Remodeling or redesigning a room can definitely be a huge expense. But there are ways to save some money (and STRESS!) instead of automatically go for the most expensive materials or tearing it down and constantly having workers in your home. Here are some ideas to consider for redoing a bathroom!

1. Colored Bathrooms


Who doesn’t? White screams clean and simple.

But some people buy homes that were built in the 50s where there was nothing but bright colored bathrooms! Why not use that color and just redesign rather than rip it apart? Using color can really set a mood for a room whether that be a light pink to make someone smile or a deep merlot that creates a sexy vibe.

Check out our Pinterest page to get some ideas!

2. Colored Grout

Maybe you really like your white bathroom but want to make it different compared to ALLLL the other white bathrooms out there. How about colored grout?! The subway tiles with the black grout has become very trendy and popular so you are probably used to seeing this look in kitchens and bathrooms. I personally really like this idea whether it be with black grout or even yellow grout! By doing this you can turn your bathroom from “basic” to “cool.”

Check out our Pinterest page to get some ideas!

P.S. Jim likes the colored grout, just not black!

Trendy Tuesday – Saving on Home Decor

I stumbled upon this article on Architectural Digest and really wished I thought of this years ago. Some people really just love their Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn furniture/decor. But honestly if it wasn’t for those steep prices, who WOULDN’T love those stores?! They last forever, they look so nice and fancy but when you turn over that price tag, GAME OVER. Well get ready ladies and gents because I’m about to blow your mind.

This article taught me that I need to check out the kids’ department. YUP. Once I became a teenager/young adult, I said goodbye to all that kid stuff and said hello to the adult department stores! Now of course this wouldn’t work in clothes/shoes, but when it comes to bedding, furniture, etc. this life hack will save you lots of money.

And no I’m saying you should have butterflies and flowers all over your bedding but if you’re looking for a basic white or pink duvet cover, check out the kids’ department! They have so many options and it costs half the price! At Restoration Hardware, the bedding goes up to a queen size! (Who is buying their 5 year old a queen bed is the real question.)

This article showed how you can use an old toy bin as your new trendy hamper. Who would’ve thunk it?! Shop from rugs to bedding to curtains etc! Check out more information on the article below!

Happy shopping!

Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

Ahh it’s January which means it must be a new year!

This could be the time to start a new project at home!

I found an article that talks about what Pinterest is predicting to be the top home trends for 2018. Every year, the company compiles a list of trends that they think are going to take over!

If you don’t feel like going through all the pictures here they are:

1. Spa Bathrooms – People are starting to create more of a “calming escape” experience rather than just a room with a toilet, sink, and shower.

2. Mixed Metallics – This started trending in fashion somewhat recently, but now it’s trending in homes! There really is no need to be so matchy-matchy!

3. Terrazzo – This texture is very 70s and can be very bold. But you’ll definitely stand out compared to other homes!

4. Statement Ceilings – I LOVE THIS! Whether it be a pattern, a bold color, or an architectural statement, you can really bump up the drama in your home with this trend!

5. Bone Inlay – I see so many pieces of furniture that are bone inlay and it can really elevate your home. It can be done in so many colors too – not just black and white!

6. Herringbone Pattern – This trend is very popular that I’m sure you all have seen. Whether it’s used for a backsplash or for the flooring, it can definitely add some dimension!

7. Colorful Doors – How can you not smile or feel warm inside when you are walking up to a bright colored door? They’re AWESOME!

8. Patterned Plants – As great as that Christmas tree was, let’s replace it with some cool patterned plants or ones with bright colored hues!

9. Large Wall Art – Everyone was really into the gallery wall – and it’s still a cool idea! But now the trend is just one solid but LARGE piece of art.

10. Sage Paint – Welcome to the new neutral! It’s a very calming color but also extremely stylish! It looks great next to wood too!

TT – 2018 Home Design Trends

The Trulia® Design PanelTrulia‘s expert group of interior designers, home stagers and professional organizers, has revealed their 2018 home design trend predictions. A common theme among what’s trending in are big and bold statement walls and rugs that will pop in pictures for social media. The trends in decline revolved around recycling and being green.

“With these 2018 home design trends predictions from the Trulia Design Panel, we hope to give homeowners and renters who’ve found their place a starting point to help kick start any remodeling or redesign projects in the new year.” said Lynnette Bruno, Trulia’s vice president of communications and research. “For those still on their home search journey, Trulia provides both the tools to find the right neighborhood and right home and the advice needed to envision how to make a prospective house a home.”

The Trulia Design Panel’s 2018 Home Design Trend Predictions

  • What’s Out:
  1. Exposed lighting
  2. Granite countertops
  3. Bamboo flooring
  4. Reclaimed wood
  5. Bohemian tapestries
  6. DIY organizing products and projects
  • What’s In:
  1. Pattern on pattern
  2. Wallpaper
  3. High gloss lacquer on walls
  4. Minimalism
  5. Instagram-ready décor
  6. Strong accent rugs

More details on these trends can be found by visiting:

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