Tired of all the taxation? Move to Monaco!

Monaco is home to nearly half of all Formula 1 drivers:

• Lewis Hamilton
• Max Verstappen
• Charles Leclerc
• Lando Norris
• George Russell
• Valtteri Bottas
• Sergio Perez
• Nico Hulkenberg
• Alex Albon

This is primarily because of three reasons.

Taxes: Monaco has no income tax, no wealth tax, no local tax, no property tax, and no capital gains tax.

Privacy: There are 12,000 millionaires living in Monaco — 1/3 of the entire population — so F1 drivers don’t have to deal with crazy fans. And with the government requiring written permission for all professional photography, there are also fewer paparazzi.

Location: The Nice airport is only 15 miles from Monaco, which is especially important because F1 drivers will travel over 75,000 miles this year alone.

And it doesn’t hurt that Monaco’s weather is incredible, and the views are equally spectacular.


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