I keep getting the question.

‘What are you going to do about these buyer-broker agreements?’

I told Donna yesterday that I’m probably not going to do them, at least not much. Oh, but you have to do them! Yeah, I know, but it probably means that I won’t work with buyers as much.

This guy gets into the details on what the NAR settlement terms actually mean:

This allows buyers to choose to have a transactional relationship where the Realtor® assists in property viewing without representing the buyer’s interests as an agent. The agreement can be as brief as the buyer wishes, possibly just covering a single day of home viewings or a specific number of properties, without further obligations.

But I don’t want to drive you around for a single day for free. I want to sell you a house!

But buyers aren’t thinking about buying a house today. Why? Because they haven’t found the perfect one yet, and they have an urge just to keep watching Zillow until the ‘right’ house pops up. Ask any buyer and they will tell you, “I’ll know it when I see it”.

That’s when I want to be there.

Especially when most buyers think they don’t need me until then anyway.

I think there will be a few professional gunslingers who have the reputation of being the guy you call when you absolutely, positively need to buy that house.

In the meantime, buyers will stay close to their search engine, utilize the matterport tours extensively, and go to an occasional open house.

When they find the ‘right’ house, they will call me, or just go through the listing agent.

Every buyer will be required to hire a buyer’s agent at some point. Get Good Help!

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