It’s August 1st, which means the local 10k InfoSparks data has been updated for July. The NSDCC median sales price may be 17% lower than it was in June, but maybe nobody will notice because it is a subset only we are following closely. The general data looks more homoginized:

The Median Percent paid of the original list price is one of the better indicators of market health. Homes that are presented well are selling, and they are getting all the money.

But not as many are selling – here are the county’s detached-home sales per month over the last five years. Last month’s total of 1,866 sales is 20% below last July’s count, and 47% lower than in July, 2019:

Fewer sales lead to more volatility in price because there are fewer comps to guide both buyers and sellers. Of the 153 NSDCC July sales, 41% were cash buys, which have been the most volatile – in both directions!

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