All of the home buyers who were willing to purchase a house ‘as-is’ with no repairs are sitting comfortably in their 3% golden handcuffs contemplating what else to fix.

None of today’s buyers – which is a whole new set of people – are going to tolerate that program.

It would be smart for home sellers to get in front of it. Completing a home inspection before going on the open market is an idea that’s been around for years, but the industry has been slow to adopt – we were always happy to take a chance!

But paying a few hundred dollars for an inspection report and then fixing the defects prior to going on the market provides significant benefits to the sellers:

  1. It gives the buyers confidence that they aren’t buying a money pit when making their offer.
  2. It demonstrates that the sellers have respect for the current marketplace.
  3. It helps to avoid having to sell the home 2-3 times, each at a lower price.

Sellers and agents can do everything right and get into escrow with a buyer, only to have buyer’s remorse kill a deal over one stupid little thing. You know that the buyer’s family and friends have been telling them that they are making a big mistake, and that prices are going to drop – and at this point the buyers are looking for any reason to cancel.

Don’t give them one – even if you have to fix everything on the list!

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