Tom asked on our Facebook page about getting the actives and pendings data for San Diego County.  Here is the InfoSparks data from the SDAR Resources page on the MLS – they are interactive so scroll over the graph lines for the exact counts:

The first graph charts the number of active listings on the last day of the month, the second graph shows the number of new listings in each month, the third graph shows the number of properties that were marked ‘pending’ in each month, and the fourth is the actual sales counts each month.

My initial reactions to each graph:

Active Listings: The frenzy let up in June/July, but it’s back now – and the last few months have been brutal for buyers. On the last day of November, 2019 we had 4,068 actives, and last month we had 1,420.

New Listings: Hard to grasp the cumulative effect so I calculated annual number of listings. In 2021 we have had 16% fewer listings than in 2018.

Pending Sales: This November’s count was almost identical to last year – which was the all-time high!

Sold Listings: The total number of sales for the year is 9% ahead of last year, and we’re not done yet!

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