Unlike the big teams who have clerks do all their listing inputs, I do them myself.

I feel it is the core of the business – it’s important to get the listing input right.

I got a lesson in that today.

I inputted our new listing at 3:45pm yesterday, and this morning the photos had not been uploaded to the search portals – which has never happened before. When I checked with the MLS help-bot at 7am, I got the typical response – blame the customer. She told me that nobody ever uploaded the photos…..literally as I am looking at my listing on my MLS screen with the photos included.

Finally, around noon the photos showed up on the familiar search portals.  By then, Zillow had reported over 700 views of my listing with nothing but a satellite photo, but thankfully I figured it out last night and had included my YouTube video in the first sentence of the property description so consumers at least had that for a reference point.

The snafu didn’t stop agents from alerting their buyers, and by noon I had 11 showings booked – with no photos on Zillow!

Here’s my report from later in the afternoon:

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