Where to move? How about roaming around for a while? Hat tip Drew!

According to the BBC, “Bermuda is among a handful of small territories and nations around the globe which, after successfully managing the first wave of the virus, are now launching year-long remote worker visas in hopes of cushioning battered economies with an influx of monied foreigners.” The Work from Bermuda certificate costs $263 to apply for and, if accepted, covers 12 months.

Bermuda’s residency visa program is in good company. Georgia (the country) recently announced its own new project, Barbados’s Welcome Stamp plan has a higher bar for entry but also caters to remote workers, and Spain’s Self Employment Visa offers entry into all the perks of living in Europe. Finally, Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa (in progress long before the pandemic) is among the most flexible of the new visa schemes.

The kicker is, this time around it’s not just millennials. In Bermuda’s case, they are seeing “well-heeled businesspeople from major East Coast hubs in North America who have been weekending on Bermuda for years” now applying for visas. And the relatively high income thresholds for the Barbados visa likely entices established professionals over 20-somethings just starting out (those digital nomads flock to places as diverse as Bali, Mexico, Thailand, Portugal, and Colombia).

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