An occasional commission might fall in your lap, but for the most part, you are going to have to earn every penny you make in real estate sales.  Let’s note what the job is, and how to get good at it.

Your job is to advise people about buying and selling real estate.

To advise people properly, you want to know more about the subject than they do. Preview homes every day, and learn something about them.  Remember the important details of each home that affect the value and be able to recite them later as part of your advice.

Be a master of the MLS – it is our tool that assists us in doing our job.  Know how to use it and other internet tools to help you be more efficient.

The contract is the bible – know it well. Your clients don’t read it, so know what they are getting into.

Work on your craft – particularly on your sales skills.

There are plenty of educational courses, seminars, and different levels of coaching available. But none of it compares to what you learn on the street.  You learn the most by doing!

Ideally you want to work with someone who is mentoring you in action. Every big franchise company has some sort of introductory crash course on sales, and then a weekly training class – but after that, it’s a long road to learn the trade. If you can hire on with a realtor who is active in the business and can show you the ropes, it will expedite your learning process!

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