We noted one sales hazard caused by the virus – the increased difficulty of showing homes.

Want another?

I hate the masks……..all you see is eyeballs.

Have you noticed the differences when around masked people?  Reading facial expressions is near impossible, and we’re left with interpreting eyebrows!

Isn’t there less talking too? Which leads to people not listening as intently as well?

According to a study, 55% of any message is generated by face and body.  And when verbal and non-verbal communication contradicts, non-verbal is mostly true. You should believe in non-verbal cues.

The face masks enable home buyers to disguise their interest when touring a home, and real salespeople will notice the difference immediately.

For example, agents will attend the showings of their listings by outside agents to size up the buyers.  We’re trying to assess whether we can trust these people to make it to the finish line, and their non-verbal communication has been a big determining factor…..until now!

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