Home buyers and sellers might be concerned enough about the results of the Mueller report that it could impact their decision-making about real estate – as if they need one more reason to wait-and-see!

They expect that Mueller report to be filed within the first six months of 2019, but is could be a bit redundant as players are already being indicted and convicted of crimes.

I think we can count on this:

  1. It would take two-thirds of the Senate to confirm an impeachment, so it’s unlikely Trump will be removed from office.
  2. He ain’t going to quit.

No matter how bad the actual facts could be, will the hysteria be any worse than it is today?  Trump will declare it all a which hunt, and he might incite some vigorous protests by his followers.  The mainstream media will have a field day too.

But aren’t we numb to this already?

I think so, and while there will undoubtedly be some eye-popping events immediately after the report’s release, we’ll get back to business before too long.  For some, it might be a relief that sets them free to buy and sell, and for others it could make them want to hunker down even more!

The OJ trial last for 8+ months, and that’s about as long as our society could stay distracted.  You could also say that with the onslaught of multi-media we have today – which is far more intense and scattered than it was in 1995 – we won’t stay focused on any one thing for very long.

We had a good year for real estate locally during the OJ trial in 1995 – there wasn’t much, if any, impact.  The real estate market had just hit bottom, and began what was a 12-year run!

My biggest real estate concerns for 2019:

  1. Mortgage rates
  2. Do we have enough ready, willing, and able buyers?
  3. Are sellers motivated enough?
  4. Trump/Mueller
  5. Unforeseen factors (earthquakes, border riots, etc.)

The biggest impact on the early-2019 market could be the Chargers getting into the Super Bowl! The Patriots look vulnerable, and the Bolts’ victory on Thursday had to demoralize the Chiefs:

If the Chargers win the Super Bowl, everyone will be happy about real estate!

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