This week we are going to tackle the closet and dresser. Now everyone is going to have something different in size so you decide what is the best option for you! In my opinion, I think it gives everyone a piece of mind knowing that your closet and drawers are in order and you can see everything clearly – rather than trying to get dressed for work and can’t find that matching sock or that favorite blouse to wear for your big presentation.

First thing’s first, go through all your clothes and get rid of stuff you will not wear. Here’s a great question to ask yourself while doing this – “If I was out shopping right now, would I buy this?” I did this and half my closet was gone LOL.

Here are some tricks you can try at home to give you that piece of mind you’ve been wanting!

1. Drawers – Group Items by Category – This is kind of an obvious one. Sort each drawer by their type – undergarments drawer, top drawer, etc. It’s even better when you split your categories more than once. With the tops drawer, you can split it into tanks, short sleeves, and long sleeves!

2. Closet – Store all your seasonal clothes – Why would keep all your winter coats/sweaters in your closet in the middle of summer? Storing away your colder climate clothes is key! There are many way you could do this. I’ve seen people buy those storage benches and then place them at the end of the bed. If you don’t have much square footage to work with, then you can buy containers that go under your bed – I did this in college!

Link to Under Bed Box

3. Drawers – Roll > Fold – I just did this with my sock drawer (that was originally jam packed and overflowing) and it worked WONDERS – now my drawer is only half full! I do this with cotton shirts and sweats too. It will really make a difference, especially if you’re one to have a hard time letting go of things! Drawer organizer work great too!

Drawer Organizer

4. Closet – Adding Another Bar – You can easily double up your closet space by adding a second bar! If you don’t want anything permanent, these expander bars have become really popular and I can see why! Longer items on the top, shorter items on the bottom.

Closet Rod Expander

**Special Tip** for Drawers + Closets – Add Lavender – By adding a small cotton or linen bag of dried lavender, you will keep the moths away and continue to have beautiful clothing! Not only is lavender a repellant, but it’s also antibacterial and anti-fungal.

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