In spite of his cheesy style and odds stacked heavily against him, Greg is still pushing for his realtor-owned search portal to take over the internet.  He is shooting for $1,100,000 in donations to make it happen, and so far he’s generated $241,000 – more than I thought!

If 10% of all realtors donated $25, he’d have double the money he needs, and if the home-search app ends up being spectacular, we could be headed for an exciting 2018 for realtors and how we sell homes!

Hi, it’s Greg,

GUESS WHAT? You will be able to start taking buyers away from Zillow and Redfin February 19th.

IT’S PROVEN – Our new home search app is strongly preferred over Zillow and Redfin by 100% OF HOMEBUYERS surveyed (price range $200,000-$850,000).

NEW TECHNOLOGY – This app leverages a new technology that gives buyers a significant home search advantage if they deal with you.

ON SCHEDULE – As promised, the website and app will be in your hands February 19th.

MARKETING VIDEO – A top national ad agency is producing a $50,000 marketing video you can embed in your personal website to promote your advantage to buyers.

TO OUR CONTRIBUTORS – Thank you for sharing the vision and supporting this mission. Now it’s a reality.

NOT YET A CONTRIBUTOR? – Just $25 gets you full access to the website, app and $50,000 marketing video. Contribute HERE.

IMMEDIATE PERKS- A contribution of $50 or more gets you next-day access to training graciously donated by our industry’s leading coaches.Learn more HERE.

Stand up… it’s time to take back control!

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