The Chargers are going to go through the motions of supporting a downtown stadium, but the way it unfolded probably tells the real story.

They stated their commitment to a downtown project on the same day that they secured an option to move to Los Angeles, which means if you don’t vote for their plan, they will leave.

Here is Dan Fouts narrating their sales pitch:

The funding plan for the project will go before voters in November. It calls for an increase in the city’s hotel room tax along with contributions from the Chargers and National Football League.

“This project would not impose any new taxes on San Diego citizens,” Fouts said in the narration.

“Instead, it would be paid for by tourists, convention-goers and out-of-town business people staying at local hotels,” he said. “What could be sweeter than Raiders, Broncos and Patriots fans all helping pay for the project when they pay their hotel bill?’

Because of the tax hike, the project will require the Chargers’ initiative to gain two-thirds voter support in the election.

“It’s been heartwarming to see how many people have embraced our vision for downtown,” team Chairman Dean Spanos said at the end of the video.


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