Redfin advertising my listing

The ad above was clipped from my Facebook.

I had sent a Redfin link of my new listing to the sellers. The next thing I know, Redfin is advertising the house back to me on my own Facebook account!

We had four offers on this Tierrasanta house, and sold it over list, effectively (agent was buyer’s mom and she reduced commission).  We had a great turnout at the open houses over the weekend, which helped stir the urgency.

I did experiment with Periscope, and ran about 30 minutes of live broadcast from the open house on Saturday.  I’m hoping to include some clips of them here soon.


This has been a great week to be on the market. I’ve had four listings sell in the last seven days, and have seen several properties (10+) go pending that seemed like longshots.  Was it the rising rates?  Grad week over? Dumb luck?

Probably some of all three, but we should monitor these hot flashes- they seem to happen about the same time each year.  Could there be a pattern?


A commenter wondered yesterday if I’m screening/deleting comments – I’m not, there just aren’t many comments left here.  The topics of the day tend to be fairly mundane, with buyers and sellers grinding it out.

The blog traffic has been consistent – about 7,500 unique users each month. We know that many, if not most, are those sexy bots that come in the middle of the night, but there must be enough readers that discussions are possible.

Could there be more things to discuss here?  Yes, I’m sure – and I’m willing.

If you have any topics to kick around, let me know.

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