The demand is strong enough that every seller is getting a few looks, especially in the beginning.  Hopefully your agent has your listing on Zillow, but even if they don’t, buyers are going there to evaluate.  You’ll see their viewer count of your home is rising, and you’ve had plenty of visitors – but no offers.

What’s wrong?

It could be one, some, or all of the items below, but no matter what the problem is, you can fix it.

    • Photos are lying.  Once inside the house, buyers discover the truth about floor plan, condition, small rooms, etc., and are disappointed.

    • Something is wrong that buyers can’t see in the photos or Google Maps.  Bad smell, barking dog, surly neighbors, noise, etc.

    • Agents are using your house to sell the one down the street.  If there are competing listings nearby, the best buy will be the next to sell, and then buyers will expect that yours should be worth less.

    • Your furniture is ugly.  Buyers aren’t known for having great vision, and the anti-staged look is hard to ignore.

    • Your listing agent has a bad reputation.  There are agents who have burned every bridge they ever crossed.  Other agents might show the house just to satisfy their buyer, but won’t go too far to sell them on it.

    • Price is wrong by 5% to 10%. It doesn’t matter if you have ‘comps’; those are guideposts, not guarantees.

Why are buyers being so fussy?  Because you are asking them to pay a lot more for your house than you did.  If you want to entice them, then fix what’s wrong, or just lower the price to compensate.

If you don’t care if you ever sell, then just wait.  It’ll happen someday.

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