Jim and Kayla

We had about 30-40 people attend the open house today, which is great for this location because it’s off the beaten path.

There was at least three good potential buyers, and we may see an offer as soon as tomorrow.  Nobody complained about the plant, which was a stark contrast to the last time I was in this neighborhood, but that was on Steinbeck in the tract below.

Having copies of this article helped – the height of new smoke stack will only be 90 feet, which is considerably less than the current 400-footer:


Everyone was excited about the thought of mortgage rates starting with a 3, which appears to be imminent.  BofA is quoting 4.0% for jumbo mortgages with 0.9 points today.

The loudest guffaw was heard when discussing the new MLS system, which launched today.  As expected, there doesn’t appear to be much different between the new and old MLS; it’s the same data sorted differently and with a smaller font type.

They added a new feature for those agents who don’t have a calculator – they now give the 12-month total of HOA dues.  An agent called today wondering if my listing’s HOA fee was $1,392 per month (the actual $116/mo x 12).

They need to dumb it down, and make the font size larger, because we’re not dealing with phi beta kappas here.  Kayla went to the new-MLS training session and said most in attendance were struggling with the basics, and one agent literally couldn’t even turn on her I-Pad.

I was busy enough talking real estate that I didn’t give away one hot dog, and decided to pack it in for tomorrow.  But I’ll have the drone – stop by 12-3pm!


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