The main reason I stay so positive about the market is because there are plenty of buyers. The lively demand creates a pure market, almost entirely based on price – but buyers are more critical:

My listing mentioned in the video above can be seen here: http://youtu.be/lHGJMYKqITU now priced at $509,000. The math sounded a little fuzzy on video, but the appraisal started off $20,000 short in spite of me being on time, dressed professionally, stayed out of the way, and brought excellent comps to justify the sales price. The appraiser was about 30 years old, and said he had to hurry up and be back by 10am to watch his kid. I said no problem, and we met at 8am. The appeal got him to raise his value $10,000, instead of the full $20,000, and the seller offered to split the difference. The buyer bailed. You have to respect that you might only have one shot to make a deal – and it goes for both sides.


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