The board of realtors had me over for a chat, wondering if there were any ideas they could implement to improve their standing and ability to assist our fellow realtors before being run over by the ZillowTruliaRedfin truck.

So I laid out my favorite, plus I’ll add two more here – but I have no expectation of anything being any different:

  • Step up to the public microphone and announce your commitment to stop short-sale fraud amongst realtors, which would immediately improve your reputation in the public eye.
  • Put imformative youtubes on the association’s website to educate the public.
  • Publish the sales history of each agent.

Of course, when I brought up the incessant short-sale fraud being perpetrated by realtors everywhere, the president of the San Diego Board literally said that she wasn’t aware of it, and then tried to coax me into filing a complaint – and missed the whole point.  Just making a stand would improve your reputation, if you have a perp walk or two it would be icing on the cake.

The members of the local association in attendance, all of whom were busy working their phones and paying little attention, did give time to the one agent who complained that the emails sent from the association get lost in the hundreds she receives every day.  She requested that they do something different in the subject line of each email to alert her that it is an important email, and not spam.  These are the types of suggestions they really wanted, not ideas that would cause them to get off their duff.

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